A mincer you must need

The meat mincer is used to cut food through the rapid rotation of the electric drive blade. It takes a very short time to chop, and can be completed in more than ten seconds. The commercial meat mincer can mince more than 200 kg of meat in an hour.

Before, when there was no meat mincer, it was necessary to cut the meat into pieces, and then keep chopping with a knife. It not only took a long time to chop the meat, but also made a lot of noise. It may also be uneven. When you want to make fillings for various delicacies, you must think that chopping meat is a very troublesome thing, which takes time and energy. If you happen to live in a place where the temperature is very high all the year round,you have to spend half an hour in the kitchen sweating to make the filling. Don’t you want to eat anything?

The invention of meat mincer is a good news for foodie. It makes the work of the kitchen simple and convenient, and improves our sense of happiness.

First of all, the meat mincer can not only mince meat. The machine can also be used to make chili sauce, garlic puree, ginger puree, make sausage, and cut into slices.Three Trees Food Machine has a meat mincer that integrates all these functions. So I remind you to pay attention to the functions of the machine when you choose it, so that you can get your satisfied meat mincer.


1.The meat mincer should be cleaned in time after use and before use to wash away the dust inside and outside the machine.

2.After each use of the mincer, the parts of the machine should be completely dried before assembly.

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