What is Smart dough mixer?

There are three types of dough mixers:Smart double action dough mixer, Simple dough mixing machine, New updating dough mixer. Three types of dough mixers are available from Three trees commercial food machine Company. Today, we will learn about the characteristics of the Smart double action dough mixer.

The smart double action dough mixer is driven by belt, chain and chain to change the speed. It rotates with the flour bar and mixing bucket at the same time. The smart double action dough mixer is reasonable in design, neat and beautiful in appearance, small in size, light in weight, low in noise, high in efficiency, simple in operation, convenient in cleaning, and sanitary. High water absorption, good gluten of the dough stirred, and high expansion rate of baking.

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1、 High flour yield

Dough mixing seems simple, but actually it is a time-consuming and laborious job. If chefs spend all their time on it, they may not be able to do any other work that day. The smart double action dough mixer of Three Trees can achieve a dough mixing efficiency of 200kg/hour, which can save you a lot of time and cost while producing high output. The smart double action dough mixer can be used to make a variety of delicious food. If you want to make noodles, you can use a flour pressing machine. All kinds of dumplings, steamed stuffed buns and special food can be easily realized under this machine.

2、 Powerful and smooth operation

Why does the smart double action dough mixer mute operation? This has a lot to do with the number of belts. There are only three belts in the inferior dough mixer. The friction area is small, or when there is a lot of flour, it is easy to slip. Over time, it is very easy to loose, and the flour mixing effect is not good.

The smart double action dough mixer of Three Trees directly uses 6 belts to increase the friction area. It is not easy to slip, and it is durable. In addition, there are steel plates inside to fix the turntables, so that the equipment can reduce noise and have a better experience.

3、There is no gap between the mixing rod and the bucket

I believe that many purchasers pay attention to functions, materials and appearance, but they do not pay attention to this small detail. As a senior manufacturer of commercial kitchen machines, there should be no gap between the mixing rod of the easy-to-use flour mixing machine and the bucket, and no gap between a finger and the bucket.

Because yeast or sugar needs to be added in the process of dough mixing, if it is not stirred well, it is easy to make the dough in the next part stiff, so to avoid this situation, you can choose a good quality and right brand.

The above is about the characteristics of the smart double action dough mixer . If you want choose the right one, I suggest you directly choose Three Trees’ smart double action dough mixer, a commercial kitchen expert, to focus on the research and development and production of kitchen equipment, so as to help everyone improve production efficiency when making food, which can not only earn more money but also worry free.

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