User Guide of Beef Cutter

The beef cutter is rarely used in the homes of citizens, but in some meat processing place, it is definitely used every day. Make sure it can work normally every day is most important thing . For beef, pork, chicken and ribs, it is not the most effective way to handle so many bones by hand. However, with the beef cutter, the efficiency has been significantly improved. Now people buy bones, meat, fish, etc. in the market, and the market owners will use the beef cutter to deal with these difficult bones for sale.

The machine is composed of a frame, a motor, a circular saw and an electric control working plate. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, slaughterhouses and meat processing market.

bone saw

The beef cutter uses stainless steel sealing plate, and the stainless steel door surface is specially treated, which is easy to clean and maintain. The saw band pressure tensioning device is convenient for adjusting and installing the saw band. The saw band stabilizing device is used to ensure that the saw band is stable and will not move during sawing. The design is strengthened by the thickness adjustment plate, which is used to adjust the processing thickness and will not shake when moving. Safety pressure bar design is attached to improve work safety. The beef cutter is waterproof and easy to clean. It has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, etc.

Precautions for operation of beef cutter:

1. When installing the saw band, pay attention to the direction of the saw blade, and the saw tooth tip of the cutting surface faces downward.

2. The blade should press the saw band but not touch the saw tip, otherwise it will increase the noise and shorten the service life of the saw blade.

3. When beef cutter is not in use, it is better to loosen the saw band tension handle on the top of the beef cutter for 2 turns, and then tighten the handle when beef cutter is turned on next time, so as to increase the service life of the saw blade.

4. After the door of machine is opened, the safety switch will stop the it, but the saw belt will continue to rotate for a while under the inertial action. At this time, do not touch the saw belt with your hands.

5. Have to wear safety gloves during operation.

6. Never grasp the meat with your hands to cut without any protection, especially when cutting small meat products. The saw belt with high speed needs to be operated with special attention.

7. If the machine encounters material jam or other abnormal conditions during operation, it is required to immediately unplug the power supply for maintenance. Never repair the beef cutter when it is powered on to avoid serious safety accidents .

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