sugar cane juicer can make money?

After the COVID-19 epidemic, our life cannot return to the same way as before. A large company has closed down, and a large company has also laid off many employees. After unemployment, everyone is trying to do small businesses to make money. The demand for sugar cane juicer is growing, because it is really profitable to sell sugar cane juice.

The function of sugar cane juicer is to extract sugarcane juice, so whether you can make money selling sugarcane juice will directly affect the sales of sugar cane juicer. As a senior commercial food machinery manufacturer, Three trees can tell you that sugar cane juicer have always been one of the best-selling products of our factory, and we sell more than 5000 sets every year.

Why are sugar cane juicer so popular now? Because people are selling sugar cane juice instead of sugar cane.

A few years ago, both supermarkets and roadside vendors stopped selling sugar cane. The main reasons are:

1. Sugar cane comes in with soil, which is difficult to clean.

2. When selling, they should be peeled and cut. In the early period , they were all operated manually. Although the price of sugarcane is low, the labor cost is high.

Therefore, selling sugar cane is time-consuming, laborious and unprofitable, and the labor cost has to be reversed.

sugarcane juicer machine|sugar cane juicer machine|sugarcane juice

In recent years, sugarcane juice can be seen in supermarkets, many fruit stores and roadside stalls,The main reasons are:

1. Because of the popularity of sugar cane juicer, the problem of eating sugarcane is solved.

2. Sugarcane juice has high water content, about 83.1% of which is water, so it is profitable to sell sugarcane juice.

3. Sugarcane juice is packaged in cups or bottles, which is more convenient for customers to enjoy it.Especially convenient for the elderly and children drink it.

4. The pure natural beverage is delicious and nutritious, which is better than the carbonated drinks sold in stores.

5. It is easy to operate. Once you learn the machine, everyone can do it. You can realize your dream of being a boss at any time.

6. It is not restricted by occasions, such as hotels, restaurants, schools, stations and other densely populated places where people are willing to buy sugarcane juice.

7. The input cost is not high, and the cost recovery is fast. It is the Career B Plan of many office workers, a good choice for side business.

8. With the improvement of sellers’ awareness of the market products, the classification of sugar cane can be clarified. Before some sellers also sell sugar cane which is very hard. But now, whether it is street vendors or fruit stores, they sell fruit cane, the best taste of sugarcane.

9. The variety of fruit cane becomes varied, the price level is more varied, and the seller has more choices.

Can sugar cane juicer help you make money? See the following calculation:

The price of sugar cane in each country is different. Here we calculate the price of sugar cane in Thailand as a example.

Fresh sugarcane: $0.03 /kg

Transportation cost: $0.2 /kg

Large disposable cup (including cup cover and straw): $0.05/piece

Water, electricity and labor in the shop: $0.02 /cup

Juice yield: 78% (700ML juice/1kg sugarcane)

Large glass of sugarcane juice is about 700ML,

Cost: 0.03+0.2+0.05+0.02=$0.3

Price: $5/cup

Profit: $4.7 /cup

In places with large population mobility, 300~500 cups can be sold a day, and the daily income of a single item is 2000 dollars.

Three trees ‘s sugar cane juicer are affordable, sold directly by the factory, and many models can be selected to satisfy the needs of many types of customers. All models can achieve the output of 300KG/hour. As long as you choose the right location of your store/stall, you can achieve a stable income of 1000-2000 dollars per day.

Most people do not carefully calculate the income of these small businesses. We always thinking we need to start a good and big projects to become rich. In fact, as long as we understand the market and customer needs, small businesses can also make money. When an accident comes, small business is your safe haven, which can bring you a considerable income and help you to tide over difficulties.

If you are planning to start a small business, you can try to sell sugarcane juice. Click WHATAPP button on Three trees website to contact us get more information about the discount of sugar cane juicer.

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