Product after-sales service

1.Within 7 days from the date of receiving the product, if you find that you have bought the wrong model or the wrong machine, you can choose to replace it before the product is used.If you have started the machine for use, our company will not accept return or replacement.

2.The replaced product and its outer package must be intact. The freight of returned products shall be paid by the customer.

3.Return the product price paid by the customer within seven days from the date of receiving the returned product.

4.Please read all product details before ordering. If you buy the wrong product or model, you can replace it according to the conditions specified in Article1,Article2 and Article 3.

5.The warranty period is 12 months from the date when the customer receives the product. During this period, the company shall be responsible for the maintenance of equipment quality problems, and the cost shall be borne by the company.

6.After delivery, the company will set up a customer card and a customer service telephone, make regular telephone calls and assist customers in product maintenance. Provide satisfactory service to customers.

7.If the product is damaged due to the customer’s operation error rather than the product quality problem, the company will complete the maintenance work.The service fees and parts fees will be borne by the customer.

8.The company also is responsible for equipment maintenance after the warranty period.The after-sales service fees and spare parts fees are borne by the customer.

9.During the warranty period, if the machine can not be repaired in a short time, the company will provide a spare machine to customer for free until the repair is completed.

Supplementary notes:

The following conditions cannot be repaired for free:

① The product purchase receipt cannot be presented.

②The model on the receipt is inconsistent with the model of the product to be repaired or altered.

③Damage caused by incorrect operation, incorrect maintenance and incorrect storage by customers, such as falling, cracking, electrical system being soaked in water, etc.

④Without the permission of our company, the customer repairs by himself or in a repair shop not designated by our company.Any damage caused to the machine during maintenance shall be borne by the customer.

⑤Damage caused by force majeure, such as natural disasters, fires, earthquakes, wars, riots, etc.