Commercial vegetable dicer cutter machine


Electric commercial vegetable dicer cutter machine

High efficiency dice 200kg-800kg/h

Stainless steel ,Pure copper motor

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vegetable dicer cutter machine

vegetable dicer cutter machine

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Product name: vegetable dicer cutter machine

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Factory introduction

vegetable dicer cutter machine

Our factory is specialized in producing commercial kitchen machines. The design and development concept of products is to improve the efficiency of all kitchen work. All machines reach the national food safety standards.

Product introduction

The vegetable dicer we use stainless steel material ,pure copper motor, it is durable,sufficient power and high working efficiency,save your time, release your hands.A machine that can help you make more money.

Product details introduction

1.The vegetable dicer is made of 304 stainless steel and will not rust.

2.The vegetable dicer operates not noisy, giving you a comfortable working environment.

3.Vegetable dicer has Pure copper motor, longtime service life.

4.The base of the vegetable dicer is anti-skid and will not move during operation.

5.Vegetable dicer is widely used in hotels, restaurants, snack bars and canteens.

Product list

1  vegetable dicer

5 pairs of kitchen gloves

Cleaning cloth and cleaning brush

A set of apron

Product Operation Manual

Operating Steps

1.The vegetable dicer must be placed horizontally on the floor during operation.

2.Open the package, take out other parts, and check whether all parts of the machine are connected correctly

3.Before operating the vegetable dicer, make sure the power and voltage are correct .

4.Connect the power and check the vegetable dicer works.

5.After the work is completed, press the red button to stop the vegetable dicer and unplug.

6.Stop completely the vegetable dicer before taking raw ingredients.

7.Wipe the vegetable dicer to make it clean. Do not directly flush the part of motor with water to avoid damaging .


1.For safety, the vegetable dicer must be kept out of the reach of children.

2.Check wires before use vegetable dicer.

3.Close the switch after each operation.

4.Suggest use for 1 hour and take a 15 minute rest.

5.Check the vegetable dicer regularly and at least once a week.

6.Stop completely the vegetable dicer before taking raw ingredients.

7.Please read the product operation steps carefully before use.

8.Disabled persons and adults under the age of 18 can not operate this vegetable dicer.

9.After operation, use a wet cloth to clean and maintain the vegetable dicer blades with oil.

10.Adults over 18 years old, please use this vegetable dicer under the condition of ensuring the ability to operate.

11.Do not allow water to enter the vegetable dicer . Water entering the vegetable dicer will damage the circuit board and motor.


How long is the warranty period of the vegetable dicer ?

1 year warranty for vegetable dicer .

If the vegetable dicer breaks down, are there spare parts? How about after-sales service?

We can provide spare parts at any time. Whenever customers need our technical support, we are here.

How to order ?

1.Order on our website, directly click WHATSAPP button contact our salesman . (the best way)

2.Order through the company’s Email:

3.Call us to order+86 15915856148

contact us at 10:00 – 22:00 (Monday to Sunday)

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Warranty terms

Warranty period: 1 year from the date of purchase.

Warranty spare parts list:

1.vegetable dicermotor

2.Switches and wires

3.If it is detected that the product has been modified, the warranty will be invalid immediately.

4.The warranty only applies to defects caused by company errors. No warranty will be provided for the products that are damaged due to non observance of the product manual or wear caused by use.


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