Commercial sugarcane sugar cane juicer


Electric commercial sugarcane sugar cane juicer   

Model: TT-T80D.  High efficiency-300kg/H,600cups/H,500ml/cup

Stainless steel ,Pure copper motor

24 hours ship out after payment

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sugarcane juicer machine sugar cane juicer
sugarcane juicer machine sugar cane juicer

We are the developer, manufacturer and supplier of this sugarcane sugar cane juicer.

The sugarcane juicer is  factory outlet,our price is the most competitive, and all people can afford it.


sugarcane juicer


The base of the sugarcane juicer has two choices, wheels and rubber cushion supports. Convenient movement of wheels.



sugarcane sugar cane juicer machine juice 4

1.5MM thick stainless steel body, very durable


Pure copper motor

Pure copper motor, very powerful, and will not stop suddenly even if it works for a long time


stainless steel roller

The juice yield is very high, and the fresh sugarcane is squeezed dry


Sugarcane filter

Stainless steel filter plate, filtering bagasse, refreshing and delicious sugarcane juice


Sugar cane machine switch



sugarcane juice

Three roller design, with a knob on the top that can adjust the distance of the roller,

the roller can adjust according to the size of the sugarcane,  juice yield is very high, and the sugarcane is squeezed very dry.


sugarcane water tap

This sugarcane juicer has three models. Contact us to buy your favorite sugarcane machine.


Product name:sugarcane sugar cane juicer

Sugarcane sugar cane juicer |Commercial sugar cane juicer machine| Sugarcane sugar cane juice

Factory introduction

Our factory is specialized in producing commercial kitchen machines. The design and development concept of products is to improve the efficiency of all kitchen work. All machines reach the national food safety standards.

Product introduction

We have many types of sugarcane machines. We use stainless steel materials, pure copper motor, durable, sufficient power, save your time, high efficiency, a machine that can help you earn more money. The high-quality sugarcane machine can satisfy your needs for efficient production. It can make 600 cups of sugarcane juice in an hour, 6000 cups in a day, and 500ml for each cup.

Product details introduction

1. Three models to satisfy the needs of all types of buyers.
2. The sugarcane juicer is made of 304 stainless steel .
3. The sugarcane machine operates silently, giving you a comfortable working environment.
4. Sugarcane machine has Pure copper motor, longtime service life.
5. Because the base of the sugarcane machine is anti-skid ,so it will not move during operation.
6.Wheel base or bracket base we provide.
7. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, snack bars,mobile trolley, and canteens.

 Product list

1 sugarcane machine
2 pairs of kitchen gloves
Cleaning cloth and cleaning brush
A set of apron
Product Operation Manual

Operating Steps

1.The sugarcane machine put on the floor during operation.

2. Open the package and install the accessories. When install the faucet,and remember to wrap the tape, make the faucet vertically downward, and remove the dirt from the faucet and filter plate.

3. Before operating the sugarcane machine, so we make sure the power and voltage are correct .

4. Connect the power and check the sugar cane machine works.

5. Plug in the machine terminal first, and then plug in the power plug according to the voltage shown

6. Insert the cleaned sugar cane into the round inlet for juicer. The sugar cane is big, so it need to cut it into two pieces before operation.

7. Adjust the two knobs on the top of the sugar cane machine according to the size of sugarcane to achieve the best juice output effect. Be careful not to press the roller too tightly, which will damage the roller and increase the noise. The position of the knobs needs to be adjusted again after working for a period of time.

8. Because of water leakage, so open the cover on the roller, and fold the steel sheet on the vertical plate around, and then install the cover.

9. When found the crushed sugar cane waste does not fall out, so we need to loosen the knob on the top of the machine, so that the waste will fall naturally.

10.  After the work is completed, press the red button to stop the sugarcane machine and unplug.

7. Wipe the sugar cane juicer to make it clean. Do not directly flush the part of motor with water to avoid damage .


1.The sugarcane juicer must be kept out of the reach of children.
2.After operation, use a wet cloth to clean it and do not keep the sugarcane machine in a humid place.
3.Do not allow water to enter the sugarcane machine . Water entering the sugarcane machine will damage the circuit board and motor.
4.Suggest use for 1 hour and take a 15 minute rest.
5. Need to inspect wires before use sugarcane machine .
6.Close the switch after each operation.
7. And check the sugarcane machine regularly and at least once a week.
8. Stop completely the sugarcane machine before taking the sugarcane juice.
9.Disabled persons and adults under the age of 18 can not operate this sugarcane machine.
10.Adults over 18 years old, please use this sugarcane machine under the condition of ensuring the ability to operate.
11. So read the product operation steps before use.


How long is the warranty period of the sugarcane machine ?
1 year warranty for sugarcane machine .
If the sugarcane machine breaks down, are there spare parts? How about after-sales service?
We can provide spare parts at any time. At anytime customers need our technology support, we are here.

How to order ?

1.Order on our website, directly click WHATSAPP button contact our salesman . (the best way)
2.Order through the company’s Email:
3.Call us to order+86 15915856148
contact us at 10:00 – 22:00 (Monday to Sunday)
4.Contact Us
Instagram→ threetreesvip
WhatsApp number→ +86 15915856148
YouTube channel →

Warranty terms

Period: 1 year from the date of purchase.
Parts list:
1.Sugarcane machine motor(battery included)
2.Switches and wires
3. Sugarcane juicer has been modified, the warranty will be invalid immediately.
4.The warranty only applies to defects caused by company errors. And no guarantee will be provided for the products that are damaged due to not follow of the product manual,or because  caused by use.


Three Trees

Product name

sugarcane juicer, sugarcane machine, sugarcane juice, sugar cane machine, sugar cane juicer, sugarcane sugar cane juicer


TT-T80D-350W-Vertical plug-in






1 year


Stainless steel


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