Precautions Manual of Vegetable Slicer

Vegetable slicer Installation environment requirements

1. It must be used in a stable 380V commercial power supply environment, and because of the large power, the circuit used must be safe and firm, and can safely support the normal operation of the vegetable slicer.

2. There must be a normal water supply and drainage pipeline. The machine needs to discharge certain vegetable juice during operation and needs to be flushed in time to ensure the sanitation of the working environment.

3. It must be used in a spacious environment. In the process of cutting vegetable products, a large number of finished vegetable products and vegetable juice will accumulate. If the environment is not spacious enough, it is easy to cause accidents.

4. Keep the environment ventilated as much as possible. During the operation of machinery and equipment, a large amount of debris and water mist will be generated, while the machine will generate a certain amount of heat. Maintaining ventilation will reduce the temperature of the working space, so that vegetables can be kept fresh effectively.

Vegetable Slicer

Vegetable slicer safety maintenance

1. Before operation, place the equipment on the level ground to ensure that the machine is placed stably and reliably; Make sure that the equipment plug is in good contact without looseness or traces;

2. Check whether there are foreign matters in the rotating barrel or on the conveyor belt. If there are foreign matters, they must be cleaned up to avoid damage to the tool;

3. Operation and adjustment Select different cutting modes according to different dishes to be processed

4.Clean and dry the blade in time after each operation, or smear a little edible oil on the blade to maintain our blade

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