How to Cut Potato Fries Perfectly?

Potatoes are Solanaceae Solanaceous plants, and they are a kind of food and vegetables. Rich in carbohydrates, vegetable protein, vitamin C, carotenoids and dietary fiber, it is easily digested and absorbed by the human body.
It have the functions of supplementing nutrition, invigorating the spleen and promoting dampness, widening the intestines and defecating, and protecting blood vessels.
But when cut potato fries,it’s hard to keep it steady. So how to cut perfect potato fries, I have two methods to teach you here.

method one:

①Peel off the potato skin with a peeler

②Rinse well under cold water to remove all bud eyes. Then fix it on a cutting board and cut off 0.6~1.3 cm (1/4~1/2 inch) thick slices from one side

③cut potato fries with the cut side down, and cut them lengthwise into slices of uniform thickness

④Then stack the potato slices one by one and cut potato fries

If you feel that it is still very strenuous, don’t worry, there is another method, please continue to read

Method Two:

Recommend a manual French fries machine to everyone

For the first step, refer to step ①② in method 1. Wash and remove it, put it directly into the manual potato chip machine, and press down to cut the potato into strips.

This manual potato chip machine has three blades for cutting different patterns. Easy to install, can be installed on the wall or on the table.

Only by using it can you know how convenient it is, have you learned it?

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