Overview of Commercial Meatball Machines

working principle

Today we make a brief Overview of Commercial Meatball Machines The meat grinder, beater, and shaper are all composed of commercial meatball machines. Its working steps are to clean the meat first and grind it into minced meat through a meat grinder. Then put it into a high-speed beater to make minced meat, and finally put it into a molding machine to make tough and elastic meatballs.

Product Features

The machine is beautiful, sturdy and durable. Moreover, it produces pellets efficiently, producing 280 pellets per minute, and can produce up to 18,000 meatballs in one hour. It is also equipped with 4 sizes of molds, and the size of the pellets can be adjusted according to your needs. The operation is also very simple and safe. That is to say, the labor cost is reduced, the labor intensity is also reduced, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. More importantly, it eliminates many food quality accidents caused by human factors in the production process.

Product Categories

The meatballs produced by the commercial meatball machine meet the national food hygiene standards. The taste is crisp, delicious, elastic, smooth in appearance and white in color. When the machine is running, the meatballs are placed directly on the plate, which reduces the human body’s contact with the product and is safer and hygienic. It can make meatballs, fish balls, pork balls, beef balls, chicken balls, tribute balls, etc. in various flavors. Easy to disassemble, maintain and clean.
The heart-wrapped meatball machine, the meatball forming machine, and the beating meatball machine are all meatball machines.

The main purpose

It is an important equipment in the food processing industry. Wholesale market, retailers all need it. It is also possible to set up a point in each meat market, and make a chain of meatball series, and display and sell them in the freezer. Or contact 5-10 prosperous hot pot restaurants, hotels, snack bars, etc. to deliver according to demand.

The above is an Overview of Commercial Meatball Machines, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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