How to make money at home with a commercial mixer?

Most people like freelancing. Some people choose freelancing because they have the ability to make money and have many choices. Some people choose freelancing because of the basic needs of life. Many female friends around me have to take care of the family and children after marriage, so many of them have chosen to give up their previous jobs and choose to be a full-time mother. However, as the children grow up, the housework not reduce, so they can’t find a job. Many of them start a small home business, which is also a form of freelance work.

What do people usually eat for breakfast? The most popular is surely pastry, which can be eaten happily at home as a family, for those in a hurry to get to the office in the morning, and for children on their way to school.

If you know how to make pastry, it’s a business worth trying. If you don’t know how to make pastry, learning how to make pastry is not a difficult task.

Making bread at home requires only 2 sets of equipment, a Commercial mixer, and a commercial single layer oven to get you started.

Question 1: Who is my target customer for this business?

Target customers can develope by family units and concentrated office areas. At the beginning, can promote at a good price than the market price. When your goods are recognize by everyone, they can sale at a normal retail price. The toast production time is 3PM-4 PM every day, so that those who are picking up the children from school or office guy can stop by your house to buy breakfast for the next day, so that your toast is also made fresh every day, which is likely to be loved by everyone.

Question 2: What equipment do you need to run a baking business? How much does it cost ?

The simplest baking business requires only a 20L commercial mixer and a single layer 2 trays commercial oven. This multifunctional mixer has three functions: mix dough, whip eggs, and mix fillings. Can meet the most basic baking needs.

The price of Three Trees’ commercial mixer is $305 from the factory direct sale, and the price of single layer 2 trays oven is $325. No matter where you are in the world, after add the shipping cost , the equipment is about $1,000 in your hand. I believe most people can afford this kind of investment.

Question 3: How much bread can I produce every day? How much I can earn?

The simple combination of a commercial mixer and a commercial oven makes not only delicious bread, but also a variety of cookies and other snacks. I’m going to make a toast example to help you figure out if this business is worth it:

The 20L mixer can produce 5kg of dough at a time. We can directly calculate by 5kg. A single layer 2 trays oven can hold 6 toasts in 1 tray,  12 toasts in 2 trays.

One toast 450g, 5kg will make 10 toast at least; It means that you can stir flour once to produce enough in your oven.

It only takes 10 minutes for a commercial fully automatic mixer to mixe the flour; It only takes 15 minutes for the oven to cook the toast. That’s 10 toasts in 25 minutes, and while the oven is working, you can keep stirring the flour, so you can make at least 30 toasts in an hour.

Working 2 hours every afternoon, you can make 60 toasts.

So let’s say that the cost of a piece of toast is $1: flour, water, gas, electricity, ingredients, and it doesn’t actually cost $1, but the market price is $2 a bag of toast, so your gross profit per bag of toast is $1, and you’re making 60 bags a day, and you’re working 3 hours plus the cleaning time. So your gross profit per day is $60, and your gross profit per month is $1,800.

A month’s time can bring back the cost of your machine. If is be worse at the beginning, two months will certainly be able to bring back the cost . Of course, if you want to let customers like their bread, you need to try different recipes. In order to ensure that the taste of their food in line with the preferences of the public.

The above is a home business idea share. Next time I will share how to choose cost-effective commercial mixer and commercial oven. I want to help you buy your own satisfactory commercial bakery machines.

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