how to buy vegetable slicer

It takes ten minutes to cook and half an hour to cut. I believe many chefs have a deep understanding. With the development of society, everyone’s pace of life has become very fast, life needs have become more, working hours have become longer, and eating time has become less, so the time left for chefs is relatively short, so now all work is about efficiency.

With the improvement of living standards, people also like to eat vegetables more and more. In many countries, vegetables are even more expensive than meat. Chefs spend more and more time with vegetables every day. There are all kinds of vegetable slicer on the market, so you must have many questions when choosing vegetable cutting machines. Three Trees will introduce vegetable slicer to you.

A good multi-function vegetable slicer can cut roots, stems, leaves and other vegetables into pieces, shreds and dice. The slice thickness shall be freely adjusted within 1-10 mm. The processing surface of the cut vegetables shall be smooth and regular, and the internal organization shall be intact to maintain the effect of manual cutting.

It is recommended to ask the seller the following questions:

1. How many kilograms can this vegetable slicer work in an hour?

2. What are the blades of the vegetable slicer?

3. Is there a video demonstration of the use of the machine?

Purchase the machine according to the production output you need, and avoid buying machines that are too big or too small. Machines that are too big or too small can’t bring their own value into operation and will only make them spend more money. The machine you buy only needs a matching blade for cutting, slicing and dicing. You don’t need to buy a whole set of blade. You can’t use many at all.

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