How to buy commercial meat grinder online?

1. Need to know the capabilities of the factory

There are various brands of commercial meat grinder sold in the market, and the selling price ranges from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. The quality of the machine can only be guaranteed when the products produced by big factory . Although the selling price is higher, there will be fewer machinery breakdown, the machine will be more durable, the after-sales service will be better, and the use will be more assured.

2. Check the product details

Good quality products are not afraid to show product details. The seller can provide more real product details, which shows that the seller has more confidence in the product. From the product details, we can know that the materials used in the product accord with the quality requirements, and whether the surface of the manufactured product is smooth and free from defects.

3. Check the materials of products

The blade shall be made of 304 stainless steel. The motor shall be pure copper. This will ensure a long service life of the machine. There is a simple judgment method to judge the materials ,you can compare the net weight of meat grinder of the same model, which one is heavier means more materials are used. For example, the TT-120 meat grinder ,Three trees’ meat grinder has a net weight of 18KG, and many sellers’ machines have a net weight of 10KG or less.

The main reasons that affect the weight of the product may be:

1) Use a small power motor to pretend to be a big power motor

2) Motor with aluminum wires

3) The cover of the product is very thin

4) Use bad quality blades, etc.

If the seller does not show the weight of the product or intentionally conceals it, the quality of the product is suspicious.

Meat grinder weight

4. Need to know the working efficiency of meat grinder

When you are purchasing a meat grinder, you need to know whether the seller has provided instructions or videos. Whether the seller can provide reasonable purchase suggestions. In this way, you can learn how to use the meat grinder and understand the production efficiency of the machine. On the other hand, we can know whether the meat grinder is flexible and safe.

5. Need to know the content of after-sales service

The commercial meat grinder is highly professional, so the seller should be able to provide more detailed installation, and after-sales support.Can the seller provide complete installation and use videos. It is also very important to have engineers assist in solving problems when using. Three trees food machinery is very professional in this field. Three trees Food Machinery has taken installation videos and usage videos of each product. If the user has problems in the use process, he can also directly connect with the engineer who produced the product to solve the problem.

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