How much is a meat slicer ?

Nowadays, many restaurants and kitchens use meat slicer machine to improve their kitchen efficiency and make their cooking process more comfortable. The machine is suitable for cutting boneless meat and other elastic foods, and the food raw ingredients are cut into pieces. The meat slicer machine adopts a compact design, making it beautiful, easy to operate, clean and easy to maintain, and safe. Then you must want to know how much a meat slicer machine costs? How to choose it?

How much is a meat slicer machine?

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The machine is generally referred to as the meat slicer, which is mainly used for slicing and shredding fresh meat.In the sales market, the price of slicers with different brands and functions is different. The market price of an ordinary household meat slicer machine is about $100-$150, and the working hours are very short. It can only be used for home, not for business.

A better slicer is a commercial type, and the price is about $300-$1000 ,or much more,depend on the machine size and model. Because commercial machines can work for a long time and do not need to stop frequently, the motor and body materials are better than domestic ones.

When comparing prices, we need to compare products with the same function and model.

 How to choose a commercial meat slicer machine?

1.How much work you do with the meat slicer machine.

Meat slicer machine are divided into commercial and household types. The most obvious difference is that household machines are generally cheap and cannot operate for a long time due to the influence of motor selection. Generally, household meat slicer machine need to shut down to cool the motor once every half an hour, or they will cause overheating protection power failure or damage to the motor; The commercial type can work continuously.

2.Look at the design structure of the machine

Good meat slicer machine design will consider blade cleaning So we need to see the manual to confirm whether the tool can be removed easily and flexibly. Especially in summer, the temperature is high. If the blade cannot be removed, the machine will not be completely cleaned, causing bacteria to breed and odor.

3.Check the quality and design of the blade

The best choice for fresh meat slicer is the style with notch on the round blade. When cutting raw meat, the notch on the round blade can produce a downward force, which is conducive to the cutting pin, so that the meat can slide smoothly for cutting; However, the round blade without notch will slip during actual meat cutting, which requires manual pressing with a wooden comb to complete the cutting.

4.Confirm the desired slicing results

If you cut a large amount of meat and have strict requirements on the shape of the cut product, you need to choose a large machine that satisfy your needs.

As a senior manufacturer of commercial food machinery, Three trees reminds customers must check the range of meat cutting capacity of the machine before purchasing equipment.

Whether the fruits and vegetables, meat with bones, meat without bones, hard raw materials, etc. can be cut as required. And whether the cut results can satisfy your meat cutting needs. Only high-quality meat slicer machine can meet a wider range of meat cutting needs.

5.Check the capacity and standardization of the manufacturer

Which brand of meat slicer machine is good one? It is necessary to focus on the capacity of the manufacturer. By understanding the business situation and scale of the enterprise, we can judge whether the meat slicer machine is worth choosing. Then we will decide to buy when the factory can provide high quality after-sales service .

If you have understood the above, you can buy a good machine, which is suitable for your own. After reading, if you have any questions, you can directly click the WhatsApp button on our official website to consult us. All the products of Three Trees Food Machine are sold directly by factory. The prices are affordable and the quality are excellent.

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