What is the difference between sugar and sugarcane juice?

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Drinking sugarcane juice is not the same as eating sugar. Sugarcane juice not only contains sugar, but also supplements the water needed by the human body. The vitamins it contains are beneficial to the body’s metabolic function, and can also nourish blood and prevent constipation,These sugars do not have.
The two types of sugar are also not the same, sugarcane juice is sucrose (fructose), which is artificially extracted from natural ingredients; sugar is caramel, which has some substances added. However, the sugar content of sugar is higher than that of sugarcane, which can provide more sugar for the human body, but besides sugar, sugar has few other nutrients and its nutritional value is relatively low.
Although the sugar content of sugarcane is lower than that of sugar, it contains water, vitamins, fat, more nutrients for the human body.

How to get fresh sugarcane juice quickly, you only need a sugarcane machine. Here I recommend a very useful sugarcane machine. This sugarcane machine is made of stainless steel. It is not only beautiful but also not easy to deform, it does not rust and preservative. The detachable mesh box is used to separate the juice from the sugarcane, which is easy to filter and make the juice more pure. The feeding port and depth design are also very reasonable, which can not only facilitate the entry and exit of sugar cane, but also effectively prevent the danger of accidentally inserting the sugar cane. It is not affected by the power supply and can be used flexibly. The sugarcane machine only needs to be charged once a day. After-sales and prices are guaranteed, factory direct sales, no middlemen to make the difference!

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