How to judge whether the dough is fully kneaded?

The most important step in making bread, cake and steamed bun is to knead dough. Hand rubbing is too tiring, and many times I can’t judge the state, I don’t know whether it is completely rubbing. So to what extent it should be kneaded? Tell you the following methods:

The surface is smooth.

 Normally, the surface of it is rough when it is not kneaded properly. If we find that the surface becomes smooth and feels fine, it is generally proved that has been kneaded.

Keep the shape.

Put it in your hand and stop for a few minutes. If there is no deformation or softening it in the hands, it will prove is good. If the dough is deformed within a few seconds, such it needs to be kneaded again.

Fast recovery.

Use your fingers to poke the surface of the dough. If the surface bounces back quickly after being poked, such is very elastic, which proves that the kneading is in place. If the rebound is slow, you need to continue rubbing.

 Large elasticity.

Take a small lump of dough and spread it under the light for observation. When it is unfolded, breaks before it reaches its maximum. It means that still needs to be kneaded. If the dough is elastic, it is not easy to break.

How to judge whether the dough is completely kneaded. I believe you have a certain understanding when you see it here. In fact, it takes time and patience to knead dough. The dough you want to knead out has good taste and great elasticity. Generally, hand rubbing takes more than ten minutes, even more than twenty minutes, which is also very physical.

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