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Three Trees is a brand of China Yuanfang Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in the overseas market. Three trees are Peace tree, Happiness tree and Fortune tree. The three begets all things of the world, it is to wish all partners safe and happy, business is booming, continuous growth. Our mission is to empower catering practitioners to improve efficiency and realize the transformation of catering production from manual to automatic.

Our company has a production workshop of 12,000 m², a warehouse of 8,000 m², more than 100 employees, 20 sets of professional equipment, a daily output of 800 sets, an annual output of 250,000 sets, and the output value of the factory in 2021 has reached 15 million USD.

Now we are looking for agent partners around the world to seize the opportunity of global production recovery after the COVID-19 and share the 10 billion market. We will provide customers with more substantial support. Cooperating with us will be your wisest choice!

Market opportunities

Food machines
manual work

10 times more efficient

Each food machine can save a lot of labor costs for users and bring huge benefits.

Food Machines Improve Production Efficiency
huge market

$10 billion market demand

The catering industry and food processing industry are beginning to use food machines to improve efficiency. Food machines have just begun to replace manual work, and the annual demand growth is more than 30%. This is an exciting market full of opportunities.

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