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Three trees is a commercial food machine manufacturing company integrating product development, production, marketing and service.  Our main products are: meat grinder, meat slicer, bone saw machine, dough mixer, oven, sugar cane juicer, squeezer, vacuum packaging machine and other commercial kitchen machines. Cooperating with us will be your wisest choice!

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Factory Direct

Factory direct

Factory direct sales, the price is more reasonable.

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Factory in stock, shipped within 24 hours.

Efficient and safe products

Efficient and safe products

Food machinery meets safety production standards and has high work efficiency.

Full product usage video

Product usage video

All food machines have recorded installation videos and usage videos, which can be quickly mastered for the first time.

Commercial Food Machine Articles

How to make money at home with a commercial mixer?

Most people like freelancing. Some people choose freelancing because they have the ability to make money and have many choices. Some people choose freelancing because of the basic needs of life. Many female friends around me have to take care of the family and children after marriage, so many of them have chosen to give

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Small business with low cost and quick profit

Today, I would like to recommend a small business with low cost and quick profit. In our daily life, there are some profitable small businesses that do not require academic qualifications or too much capital support, but because they are too common and common, they are ignored by us. You will feel that these small

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Overview of Commercial Meatball Machines

working principle Today we make a brief Overview of Commercial Meatball Machines The meat grinder, beater, and shaper are all composed of commercial meatball machines. Its working steps are to clean the meat first and grind it into minced meat through a meat grinder. Then put it into a high-speed beater to make minced meat,

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Is a manual juicer easy to use?

There are many people who don’t like to drink plain water, and sweet fruit juice can increase their water intake.Ensure the body’s need for water. They will prepare a manual juicer to freshly squeeze juice at home. Is that hand juicer easy to use? The manual juicer squeezes out the juice, not the blade impact

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Is a meat slicer worth buying?

Why do you need to buy a meat slicer and meat slicer worth buying? Let’s talk about its benefits today. (1) Save time and effort It used to take half an hour to cut a piece of meat. Now it can be done in a few minutes, and the meat is cut precisely, saving time.

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How to choose a good meat grinder?

Since it is often used in our life, How to choose a good meat grinder? The meat grinder is now an important tool for kitchen appliances, and many families or restaurants will have it. It is used in daily stuffing, meatballs, and dry powder. Not only is it convenient and easy to use, but also

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Threetrees Happy Clients!

The machine is very heavy, all made of stainless steel, very thick, well packaged, the machine has been used for a while, it is really good, much better than other brands I bought last time.
chef 1
Jordan Burnwood
Very satisfied with a purchase, the merchant service is good, and the delivery is fast. I like the product very much after receiving it, and I can use it at ease.
chef 2
Jesion Fox
The meat grinder is easy to use, with sufficient power, low noise, high meat grinding efficiency, and easy disassembly and cleaning.
chef 3
Lily Brown
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